If you have pets, cook, or live in a large house with a lot of different odors, you might wonder if an air purifier can help.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward yes or no response to this question. There are air purifiers that remove odor, but there are other air purifiers that don’t.

An air purifier can remove odor, but there is a lot more to consider when it comes to controlling the smells in your house.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to blindly choose an air purifier in the hopes that it would perform flawlessly for you.

To answer the question, “Do air purifiers remove odors and smells?” we’ve written this article.

do air purifiers remove odors

Air purifiers can be used to remove musty odors from the air in a home. In this situation, it can be a lifesaver. Some of the traditional carbon-based air purifiers do a good job of getting rid of bad odor.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

The primary objective of an air purifier is to remove toxins from the air, not to eliminate odors. 
The problem is that not all air purifiers are capable of eliminating odors. How do you know which ones they are?

An air purifier’s capacity to remove unpleasant odors from the air is just one of its many uses. To remove odors from the air, it is necessary to utilize an air purifier to circulate the air in the room.

The activated charcoal filter is one of the most crucial pieces of the ones that can get rid of smells. If you want an air purifier that gets rid of odours, this is how to do it. You need to make sure it has a filter made of activated charcoal. If the purifier doesn’t have this feature, it won’t be able to get rid of odours perfectly.

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As an alternative to an activated carbon filter, the True HEPA filter can assist capture even the smallest particles of the toxins emitted by odors. The scents will still be reduced, but it’s not as efficient as an activated carbon filter.

Air is more effectively cleaned when both filters are used at the same time. Only high-end air purifiers comes with these filters, though.

We, on the other hand, strongly recommend that you clean your house on a consistent basis. In addition, you’ll want to install air vents in your kitchen and don’t be afraid to leave your windows open whenever possible.

As far as possible, it will assist in decreasing bad odors.

It would be ideal if you could get rid of the garbage as quickly as possible. These habits will help your air purifiers work better and last longer by reducing the amount of odors they have to filter out.

What are the common types of odors?

To talk about odors, we should know what this is. In general, the smell has a particular odor to it. Especially a bad one is referred to as odor. Some people may not be able to detect all of these aromas. Typically, we smell 7-10 sorts of odors. What are these? Let us investigate this further.

Cigarette Odor

Any non-smoker will concur that the most irritating odors are those arising from cigarette or cigar smoke. Unfortunately, this unpleasant odor cannot be avoided if at least one member of the household smokes on a daily basis.

Tobacco use and inhalation of cigarette smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer, according to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute. An air purifier is a need if you want to reduce the amount of cigarette smoke in your home or office.

Pet Odors

Pet odors can be just as annoying as pet hair and dander, and then they can cause you and your family a lot of problems.

This smell is a terrible nightmare for people with allergies. If you want to get rid of the odors from your pet, their beds, and their litter boxes, you will need to buy an air purifier.

Cooking and Food Odors

Cooking is the leading cause of odors and smoke in the home, according to the EPA. Fried fish is a common meal that leaves a strong, lingering smell. Spices and other additives can also cause odor.

On top of damaging our health, some meals emit microscopic particles that can build up inside our homes. When many particles gather, a home’s interior may struggle from an unpleasant smell and a musty atmosphere.

Garbage and Waste Odors

Worst-case scenario: I forget to take out the trash. The nasty odors remain for hours after I remove the trash bag.

This is because trash contains food, chemical substances, and even pet feces, all of which degrade quickly, creating gases with powerful odors.

Home and building materials can also emit odors. Inhaling some of these substances is dangerous.

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What Kinds of Odors Do Air Purifiers Remove?

Air purifiers are designed to remove odors of all kinds from the air in your house. A good air purifier can remove the most common odors, such as:

  • Cigarette smoke odor
  • Chemical smells
  • Food and kitchen smells
  • Garbage smells
  • Pet odors

Air purifiers with activated carbon filters can be used to remove odors from a room if they are placed there.

The most important thing is to keep the air purifier running as much as possible in an enclosed area so that it may eliminate as many odor particles as possible from the air.


We began with the question, “Do air purifiers remove odors?” We researched, studied, and learned everything we could to perfectly answer this topic. We have published all of the research-based information, measurements, processes, and many more here.