When two local news anchors with a talent for making hilarious TikTok videos have their first child together, you might just get the “Baby News Network.” 

Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton, who work for FOX 5 and WJLA-TV respectively in Washington, DC, decided to make a video last weekend that starred their 6-week-old daughter Isabella Sofia Burton.

The comedy bit sounds like a newscast, with Burton and Reyes speaking in their anchor voices about “breaking news” that is an “explosion at the diaper station” and giving a weather report that advises they may get to enjoy the summery mid-80s no-humidity conditions if “spit ups, feedings and diaper changes don’t get in the way.”

The video starts with Reyes picking up baby Isabella from her bassinet and saying, “Good morning, Bella,” in her best newscaster voice. “It’s 9:52. Hopefully you slept well. Certainly, no one else did but we’re not going to point any fingers.”

She then throws to her husband for the weather before she comes back in for “breaking news.”

“Speaking of diaper changes, we have some breaking news: an explosion at the diaper station,” she deadpans, before adding, “fortunately, no injuries have been reported.”

“Authorities say they do have a suspect in custody. Unfortunately, that suspect is not speaking at the moment,” she adds while panning over to Bella looking at the camera while sucking on a pacifier. 

Jeannette Reyes works for FOX 5 in Washington, DC.
Robert Burton.
Robert Burton works at WJLA-TV.

She says Bella has been linked to “hundreds of other explosions” – certainly of the diaper variety. 

Her husband, who sits at what looks like a kitchen counter with a notebook in front of him that says “Oh LAWL” (LOL or laughing out loud) asks his wife – who balks at him – if the 6-week-old is a “flight risk.”

The video then cuts to Reyes holding Bella and doing a spoken word version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” instead of the normal lullaby. 

Baby Isabella.
The video featuring baby Isabella reports on “an explosion at the diaper station.”

Finally, Burton thanks viewers for watching the “Baby News Network. This is BNN.”

The video, which the journalists captioned “When both of your parents are anchors,” had more than 1.2 million likes by early Wednesday. 

Commenters also praised the inventiveness of the video as well as their speaking voices. 

“I wish I sounded like y’all,” one commenter wrote. Another said, “That baby’s diction [will] be impeccable.”

A third commenter joked that when they started the video, the baby girl was thinking, “Here they go with this again.”

Jeannette Reyes and baby Isabella.
Jeannette Reyes holds Isabella while reciting a spoken word version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

“She’s gonna start doing the morning announcements at school in kindergarten,” another commenter said with a laughing emoji. 

“I loved this!” a fifth commenter gushed. “Definitely need more of BNN!”

The couple told FOX 5 it took a few takes to make it perfect, but Bella was a pro and they’re just glad the viral video was “well received.” 

The couple also did a mock newscast in 2020 in which they debated about what to have for dinner.

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