Dog and cat parents, do you wish you could spend more time pampering and less time cleaning up after your four-legged family member? The Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Vacuum Spin Mop gives your floors a super deep clean that even your judgmental cat will be impressed by. And right now, you can get an exclusive deal for just $220 during our Deal Days sale — a price you won’t find on Prime Day! Take advantage of this awesome sale and save $130 on this top-rated multifunctional cleaning tool now through July 14.

The Elicto ES-800 serves as both a powerful cordless wet-and-dry vacuum and a spin mop for floors and other surfaces. It lets you clean efficiently, with a dual spin mop attachment that provides effective wet cleaning and dust absorption simultaneously. An inbuilt automatic water supply system lets you wet and dry clean at the same time, too.

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Aside from getting multiple types of deep cleaning done, this vacuum spin mop also works as an air purifier! The double H13 HEPA filter system has five stages of micro filters, so it collects fine dust particles and blocks 99.9% of the fine dust from inside so that your space sees dust relief and air pollution reduction with each use.

Want to see what you’re cleaning? There’s a cool feature where a UV light lights up any surface while you disinfect, so you can see the deep cleaning as it happens. You can also choose between five different nozzle attachments that are prepared to get to even your most narrow nooks and crannies.

Unlike many complicated vacuums on the market, this one designed to be easy to use and a great multi-tasker. Snag the exclusive Deal Days price on this Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Vacuum Spin Mop and get it for just $220 now through July 14th.

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