My skin is anything but smooth as glass. It’s been burned, embedded with glass, and acne-riddled. I’m always on the lookout for a primer that can help fill in the seams if you will.

I usually find I need to empty the contents of my purse to afford products that help aging, pockmarked skin, but this time, I was pleasantly surprised to discover e.l.f. cosmetics had me covered for just $10.

With the help of Liquid Poreless Putty Primer, it looked as if my skin was newer, fresher, and well, younger (hello!). It’s like a magic eraser for imperfections, effortlessly gliding over my skin, leaving it feeling silky and renewed.

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With over 5,000 poreless primers sold on Amazon in the last month and 5,000 glowing reviews on e.l.f., it’s clear I’m not the only one reaping the benefits.

Not only does this primer keep my makeup intact all day long, but it also withstands the summer humidity without budging—an impressive feat in New York City. 

The secret? Squalane is the superstar ingredient behind its success. Squalane smooths fine lines, calms inflammation, hydrates the skin and enhances texture.


The squeeze bottle helps you use this tinted primer to the very last drop. It grips all day with a texture you can barely feel once it glides on.

And the best part? It’s suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry. E.l.f. recommends pairing it with a silicone-based foundation for optimal results, ensuring a seamless blend and flawless finish. Whether you’re trying to minimize pores or perfect your complexion, this tinted primer is your go-to solution.

If you’re dealing with dry patches, a dab of your favorite moisturizer beforehand works wonders. To make the most of this pore-blurring primer, apply it generously with your fingertips or a beauty blender, allowing it to set for 30 seconds before applying makeup or concealer.

With e.l.f.’s Liquid Poreless Putty Primer, achieving that coveted smooth canvas has never been easier. The company is cruelty-free with a Fair Trade certification following economic, environmental, and social standards. For only $10, you might just find the most amazing primer of your life, so why wait? Add to cart and discover the results firsthand.

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