Air: it’s all around us, everyday.

At least ideally, every second of your life you’ll have access to air at any given moment. Some forgo this gift, like astronauts or deep sea divers, but in all, that sliver of the population is vanishingly small. Most people prefer breathing air as usual. Which is to say: every waking and sleeping moment of every day of their entire lives.

It’s precisely because of its abundance that air can often be taken for granted. The simple fact of the matter is: some of it’s good, and some of it’s bad. And it’s not always so easy as you might think to know what kind of quality you’re getting, especially as our neighbors to the North continue to fan their leftover wildlife smoke down in our direction.

Lucky for you, it’s never been cheaper to combat the less-than-ideal air quality. This week only, pick up this Cuisinart Air Purifier for Countertop/Medium Room for a breath-taking 74% off on Amazon, bringing the HEPA-filter-packing Air Purifier down to just over $52 — a whopping $147 off!

Pause for a moment. Check in with your surroundings, and take a deep breath. Nice and calm? Now, we don’t want to get you riled up, but we do want to mention that this Cuisinart Air Purifier captures 99.9% of various airborne particles 0.1 micron or larger, with a CAP-500 that cycles air within a 500 Square Foot Area two times every hour.

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