Tossing and turning throughout the night is one thing, but tossing and turning while uncomfortably hot and sweaty is another.

Even if you think you may have the best bed sheets in the world (you know, the ones you love to snuggle up with at night and don’t falter when tossed into your washer and dryer), you still may not be catching those ZZZs on sheets specially designed for you, as a hot sleeper.

I know the feeling firsthand, as I typically drape a cozy blanket across the bottom of my mattress in an effort to not overheat (but, sure enough, it still takes me about a good half-hour to fall asleep soundly on most nights). Even with a powerful central AC system and a breathable duvet, my room on the upper floor of my house still tends to not be freezer-cold — you know what they say about hot heat rising! — and better yet, having a loft-style attic space neighboring my bedroom doesn’t help my hot sleeper problem.

Oh, and true story: testing all of these cooling sheets began on a day where my AC completely broke down (RIP to being comfortable), which led me to adjust my thermostat to exactly 76 degrees Fahrenheit, a few degrees warmer than my typical household temperature (sorry, mom and dad).

Enter my review of the best cooling sheets. While sheets are marketed to be “cooling,” I put them to a true test (there was even a thermometer involved) to evaluate how they initially felt to the touch before using them, how they held up overnight and more.

“Cooling sheets get their name because they help move your body heat out away from you through airflow,” Jackson Lindeke, director of product experience at the Sleep Foundation — who has been testing sleep products for more than seven years, while developing protocol to evaluate, rate and recommend the right products to consumers — told the New York Post. “Temperature regulating sheets are breathable and often are moisture-wicking in the same way athletic apparel is.”

Ahead, Lindeke gives us a mini cooling sheets master class in the in-depth FAQ section following this review, highlighting how cooling sheets differ from the norm and what to look for in terms of temperature, fabric, thread count and more.

How we tested

Some of the cooling sheets tested, from Avocado Green Mattress to Serta.
Victoria Giardina

All cooling sheets I tested within this review have been evaluated for at least three months, where I slept on each sheet set for a minimum of one week. However, some brands — like Brooklinen and Cozy Earth — are ones I have been using for two years.

Before diving into the full review, here are some testing criteria I kept in mind while assessing each sheet set:

  • Material: Notes on material can be found in the FAQ section, but the type of material selected depends on preference. If you love lightweight sheets, linen is a wonderful option. If you love a silky smooth feel, you’d likely resort to a luxe-looking sateen. I kept material in mind while testing to discern which happened to be the most cooling.
  • Breathability: Because weather and humidity levels can fluctuate, the best indicator of if a bed sheet is *actually* cooling or not is how the particular bedding feels upon first lie-down. If my skin felt cool-to-the-touch instantaneously, that was a green checkmark in that brand’s favor.
  • Moisture-wicking properties: While I’m a hot sleeper, I’m not an ultra-sweaty sleeper. However, good cooling sheets shouldn’t leave you waking up in the middle of the night, encouraging you to change your clothing to something more lightweight. I noted if any sheets felt ‘stuffy’ over each individual testing period.
  • Value: Cooling sheets can cost a pretty penny, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable or more fairly priced options on the market. After testing each sheet set, I asked myself ‘is this really worth the price?‘ and formulated pros and cons for each brand that I reviewed.

Our Top Picks, at a Glance

Olive and Crate Eucalyptus TENCEL Fiber Sheet Set
Olive and Crate


  • Most consistent for breathability, moisture-wicking and comfortability
  • The coolest sheets tested (hooray!)
  • Wonderful color options
  • Sustainably made


  • The slightly draped design isn’t for everyone

The Olive and Crate Eucalyptus TENCEL Fiber Sheet Set deserve an award for its exceptional cooling — the coolest of the testing pack. Not only did they feel nearly ice-cold to the touch right out of the package but this luxury-grade option was a dream to sleep on.

This brand is the most consistent in terms of cooling temperature, breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It’s easy to clean — with your best laundry detergent — and doesn’t drape too close to the floor (you can always tuck the loose sheet into your fitted sheet, depending on preference). Not only that, but they’re fairly priced — a bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill cooling sheets but more affordable than more splurge-heavy options from direct-to-consumer brands.

More people need to know about Olive and Crate. These sheets are available in a variety of colors, kept me the coolest and are made with 100% eucalyptus lyocell bedding that’s derived from Oeko-Tex 100 Standard-certified fibers. To top off our honest favorite, they’re sustainably made in Australia — using far less water than cotton and linen materials and nearly zero waste, thanks to the brand’s closed-loop manufacturing process.

Bedsure Cooling Sheets


  • Impressive quality for the price
  • Generous color varieties to choose from


  • Not as silky as other bed sheets tested

For an option that won’t cost you more than $50, the Bedsure Cooling Sheets impressed me quite a bit. They felt cool — even after a few days of use in quite warm temps — and closely replicated luxury sateen-style sheets. Don’t let the image fool you — they don’t drape to the floor that much — but they’re super breathable and allowed my skin to feel nice and cool all night long.

These particular cooling sheets have racked up nearly 49,000 rave reviews for its affordability, breathable design and wealth of color options to choose from. If you’re a beginner to sleeping with cooling sheets and don’t want to drop more than $100 on a new sheet set, Bedsure is your best bet.

Serta Arctic Cooling Sheet Set


  • Exceptional for hot sleepers who also sweat quite a bit while sleeping
  • Well-made with a fine ingredient assortment


  • Not readily available online

I’ll be honest, the name ‘Arctic Cooling Sheet Set’ intrigued me, so I had to test out Serta’s option to see if its bedding was polar plunge-worthy. Spoiler alert: they did a wonderful job at wicking away moisture as soon as you lie down, one of the most instantaneous cool-to-the-skin feelings I experienced.

Though they’re not offered at a huge diversity of retailers online, you can grab them at Wayfair to experience their comfortable, breathable quality. Specifically, they’re made from a triple fabric blend of luxe Tencel — that’s more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen — cooling nylon and CoolMAX polyester.

Columbia Cooling Sheet Set


  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Fairly priced
  • Great for all-season use


  • Not as cooling as other sheets tested, though ultra-comfortable

One of the most searched-for cooling sheets are those from Columbia, so I had to call Kohl’s on speed dial to get the first look. What’s great about this set in particular is its fair price, diversity of color options and easy-to-care for design. They closely resemble your typical bed sheets, but with a more breathable twist.

Though they’re not the coolest you’ll experience, its 300 thread count and comfortable cotton is what makes this sheet a winner among nearly 1,500 online reviewers. It’s a great value for your money and great if you tend to become cold in the fall or winter and don’t want to feel ‘cooling’ all the time.

Cozy Earth Linen Sheet Set with Viscose Bamboo
Cozy Earth


  • Thoughtfully made with a great balance of bamboo viscose and linen
  • Breathable, even after days of consistent use
  • Effective moisture-wicking design


  • More expensive than most other bed sheets tested

Cozy Earth isn’t just one of Oprah’s Favorite Things — it’s one of the New York Post Shopping team’s favorite things — and that goes for versatile loungewear, prized throw blankets and pretty much everything else. If you’re fantasizing about dreamy linen sheets, there’s no better option than the brand’s Linen Sheet Set with Bamboo Viscose.

These sheets are a seamless go-to: easy to put onto your mattress and simple to care for. Effortlessly luxe to the touch, the sheets are made with 70% viscose bamboo and 30% linen to create (what I call, anyway) the perfect blend of breathability and comfortabiity.

Its enhanced weave pilling helps ensure the sheets will hold up for longer, too, and there are multiple stunning colorways to choose from direct-on-site. Plus, they have an impressive moisture-wicking design and softness to them that I can’t help but shy away from.

Ettitude Bamboo Signature Sateen Sheet Set


  • Aesthetically pleasing colorways
  • Extremely breathable and luxury-feeling


  • The full sateen look isn’t for everyone
  • Fitted sheet could have been designed better with a bit more give

Ettitude’s Bamboo Signature Sateen Sheet Set made me feel like I was spending a night in an Egyptian oasis, and that’s exactly why the brand has picked up steam in the online shopping arena as of late. I’m not going to lie — I wasn’t used to the whole Greek goddess-style drape design at first — but it grew on me, and I’m a firm believer everyone needs to try these out at least once.

As a hot sleeper who also values anything that adds to my bedroom’s aesthetic, this particular set impressed me by having my favorite shades (pretty pastels galore) in addition to some signature tones like white, beige and wispy gray. Made from 100% bamboo lyocell, its breathable weave is truly exceptional and, because of its draped design, I found them to be highly breathable and versatile to twist and turn in.

The only caveat to Ettitude’s cooling sheets is its fitted sheet. It was the most difficult to position around the corners of my mattress, but didn’t take too long to wiggle in.

Avocado Green Mattress Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets
Avocado Green Mattress


  • Sustainably made to the highest standards
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable
  • Perfect for neutral home aesthetics


  • More expensive than most other bed sheets tested

I’ve been a not-so-secret admirer of Avocado Green Mattress for as long as I’ve been writing for The Post. Its commitment to sustainability is second to none, and that’s reflected within its Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets.

Made exclusively from GOTS-certified organic Indian Suvin Cotton — “one of the world’s rarest Extra Long Staple cotton varieties,” per the brand — these sheets offer a glamorous 1,000 thread count with a feel that’s right-on-the-money. Its lustrous and lavish finish makes all the difference, speaking on behalf of hot sleepers everywhere.

Taking “eco-luxury” to new heights, Avocado Green Mattress also offers a 600 thread count for this exact sheet bundle — depending on your preference and budget — and features hand-harvested cotton that is “an extraordinary natural and breathable fiber” — and I surely agree.

What’s more, the sheets are sustainably produced from start to finish — from growing to harvesting, spinning and dyeing — in a Suvin production process that’s Global Organic Textile (GOTS)-certified organic. That said, it uses only 12% of the water and 17% of the standard energy to create one nontoxic bundle.

Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set


  • Most breathable sheets tested with an impressively cooling design
  • Readily available at a variety of online marketplaces
  • Sleep trial included upon purchase


  • More colors could be available

I sometimes feel like a broken record, given the amount I rave about Casper, but the brand does everything right — from its mattresses (that I reviewed and currently sleep on) to its pillows. The brand’s Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set, since my first sleep, felt extremely breathable and I found myself sprawling and relaxing in deep, deep comfort.

The best part? They’re fairly priced and available not only on, but at Nordstrom and Target as well (read: best Target bed sheets). They’re available in the brand’s most featured colors — from white and navy to beige and sky blue — and are lovingly made with 100% TENCEL lyocell and a proprietary grid weave, the latter a sharp nod to its impressive breathability.

Even better, Casper offers a 30-night, risk-tree trial and, if you don’t love it (which, I’d bet you will), the brand will take it back and offer a full refund.

Brooklinen Classic Percale Core Sheet Set


  • Closest to your traditional bed sheets, but with a cooling bonus
  • Have more of a plush design


  • More colors could be available, aside from the brand’s signature variety
  • Aren’t as lightweight as others tested, though density is subject to preference

As seen on subway ads en masse, Brooklinen has carved out a virtuous name for itself thanks to its wide variety of comfortable sleep products that are bound to elevate your home’s look and feel. The brand’s Classic Percale Core Sheet Set, after tons of research and first-hand testing, are its most breathable of the pack — beneficial for hot sleepers and similar to its top-rated Luxe Core Sheet Set that we reviewed.

Not only are the sheets noticeably cool and crisp but they’re like falling asleep on clouds. The level of support and comfortability is especially worth noting, especially as most cooling sheets have a lightweight, airy feel. These are a bit more plush, while still offering the moisture-wicking properties you crave.

More, Brooklinen curated this specific set with 100% long-staple cotton to ensure the finest and strongest yarns are being used for those smooth and soft sheets you desire. Its fabric is also Oeko-Tex-certified — like our top pick from Olive and Crate — so as not to include harmful substances in its manufacturing process.

FAQ on cooling sheets

Below, Lindeke offers the 411 on cooling sheets — dishing out the deets on everything on temperature to thread count.

How do cooling sheets differ from traditional options?

There are a few primary ways that temperature regulating sheets designed to help you sleep cool differ from other sheet products.

First and foremost? Material type. “Certain fabrics, like linen, cotton, and lyocell, are more breathable and moisture-wicking than others,” Lindeke tells The Post. “The texture and weave of the material is another important factor. Certain weaves with lattice patterns create better airflow, moving heat away from your body.”

Thread count is another differentiator. “The higher the thread count, the more material there is contained in your sheets, and the less air can pass through the fibers,” he adds.

What materials are cooling sheets typically made from?

Percale cotton, linen, and lyocell (tencel) sheets are often the best cooling materials, according to Lindeke.

What are the benefits of sleeping with cooling sheets?

As their name suggests, cooling sheets help create a more optimal sleep environment.

“As your core body temperature fluctuates and heats up throughout the course of the night, many people suffer from wakefulness as a result,” he explains. “Having bed sheets that help regulate your core temperature better can have significant impacts on long term sleep quality.”

If you live in a hot climate, tend to sleep hot, or are prone to night sweats, finding bed sheets that promote breathability and moisture-wicking will be helpful to your sleep, too.

“If you’re waking up from night sweats on a regular basis, or have chronic wakeful moments where you kick the covers off, you’re likely overheating,” Lindeke notes. “We all have preferred temperature environments that are determined by the clothes we wear, the bedding we use, individual metabolisms or even medical conditions like hyperhidrosis. 

The best thread count, according to a sleep expert

According to Lindeke, thread count is a measure of the number of threads per square inch of material.

“If you’re looking for cooling cotton sheets, you may find the best balance of breathability and softness from a 300 thread count sheet set,” he offers. “Most sheet sets made of other materials will share a similar thread count range compared to cotton.”

While you can find higher thread count options, cooling Tencel and bamboo sheets are usually close to the 300 thread count mark. “Linen sheets deviate from this standard,” he adds. “Since they use thicker fibers, linen sheets tend to have much lower thread counts.”

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