There is nothing like old-fashioned solid wood furniture set to create a sturdy rustic feel in your home. In a day of synthetic, plyboard, and other pressed materials, it’s nice to live off the land, if you will. We’ve curated a list of the top seven companies that excel in crafting the finest dressers, office desks, and bed frames from enduring wooden materials.

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One of the benefits of using old-fashioned wooden beams is their all-weather durability. They can withstand humidity and water better than particle boards and other synthetic materials, which crumble to the touch after a few months.

By choosing all-natural materials, you’re also lowering the risk of bringing unwanted chemicals into your home, such as volatile organic compounds. According to the Emergency Protection Agency, these gases can be emitted from solids and liquids, leaving “short—and long-term adverse health effects.” They can be highly concentrated inside, “up to ten times higher indoors.”

We suggest these brands for the best price, value, and quality.

Plank + Beam


  • All are produced in-house, keeping costs low
  • Offers a one-year warranty

Started by a husband and wife duo over two decades ago after building their first bed, it took off into a trusted name in the furniture industry, sourcing organic materials you can trust through the name Plank + Beams — simplicity at its best.

To avoid markups, they design, manufacture, and distribute the products themselves, cutting out the middleman to ensure you receive a quality piece that will last for years to come at a respectable price point.

They also include a one-year warranty on all their products. If you have any issues or defects, an in-house customer service team will address them and find an immediate solution.

When it comes to finding a dining room set, coffee tables, or the world’s greatest chair, Plank + Beam should be your first stop. They make it easy to shop by category, such as office, living room, bedroom, you name it.

There is a wide selection on sale along with deals that we must say are offering some amazing finds right now, like a classic full bed or convenient coffee table, perhaps an upgrade to the folded table you have in the corner now. Your future self will thank you.

Best Original Furniture: Etsy

Shou Sugi Ban Burned Black Stumps


  • Handmade
  • Unique designs
  • Ships worldwide

Etsy has beautifully hand-crafted furniture for every space in your home and is made by local artisans around the world. If you’re looking for the unexpected, like this beautiful oak chair, or want to support small business owners with a handmade walnut kitchen table, this is your one-stop shop.

You can find anything from dressers to outdoor furniture. We love the unique quality finds that can’t be found anywhere else, like this charred wood stump that doubles as a coffee or side table. It’s made from an 18th-century Japanese practice called Shou Sugi Ban, has a distinct look, and is well-preserved.

You can find not only newly made products but vintage, too. Sometimes, the thrill of the hunt is worth finding one-of-a-kind pieces with a story behind them. By finding them on Etsy, you can easily search for all of your preferred elements (unlike in person) and have them delivered directly to your door.

Best Retro Furniture: West Elm

Anton Solid Wood Narrow 6-Drawer Dresser (48")
West Elm

When we think mom-and-pop stores, West Elm may not spring to mind, but they do have a great all-wood selection. Top picks include their best-selling Anton Solid Wood Buffet or an old-school wooden bar cart that gives us string vintage feels, masterfully crafted.

The best part about box stores is their accessibility; with just a click, a pre-made order is delivered to your door without the wait. West Elm provides a flat-fee delivery service for furniture from door to door, making it even easier. Plus, returns are easy and quickly managed online or on the phone.

If you’re redecorating a room, you’re also at an advantage because you have so many options outside of wooden furniture, such as couches, pictures, or finishing touches like candles and cocktail glasses.

Mota Burl Wood Storage Media Console
Crate and Barrel


  • Large selection of products
  • Easy to deliver and return


  • Not a small, local business

Crate & Barrel offers the usual assortment we grownups gravitate towards, such as beds and tables, but they also have great offerings for children, from twin bunk beds to a wooden dollhouse.

With a free design service at your fingertips, Crate & Barrel can easily bring your vision to life with all your wooden furniture dreams and make it feel organic.

It’s easy to track your order, schedule deliveries, and even add beloved items to your or another’s wedding registry, making it a great choice for deliveries no matter where you live. Customer service is super to contact should anything go wrong or if you’re unhappy with the product placed in your home.

Best Furniture for Kids: Pottery Barn

Reed Extending Dining Table
Pottery Barn


  • Great options for small apartments
  • Lots of kid-friendly options
  • Free design service

For adults, we love a modular layout that can grow or diminish with your needs, including plenty of storage. Pottery Barn offers all the perks we love: free design services, shipping around the world, tracking, and easy-to-contact customer service.

Don’t forget Pottery Barn Kids‘ all-wood furniture selection or its Pottery Barn Teen store, which is not always just for kids. They have excellent sizes for smaller apartments and hard-to-fit spaces that can’t fit full-size furniture. We want the best for our kids, so be mindful of the types of materials you place in their bedrooms and choose from one of the many natural selections they offer.

Clinton Tall Cabinet, Distressed Black
One Kings Lane

Love a vintage vibe? One Kings Lane’s wood furniture has a natural grain, showing each piece blends into a natural environment, making it feel more organic and peaceful.

One Kings Lane offers free design services over the phone, email, or online. You can choose from suggestions for an easy and thoughtful curation to fit your style. It also has finishing touches like a vintage 1960s wood grain ice bucket and old-school farmhouse measures that make your home feel like it’s featured in Magnolia Homes.

Again with easy shipping, tracking, and on-demand customer service, it’s hard to overlook these amenities.

Corona 65.91'' Solid Wood Sideboard


  • Excellent return policy
  • Well priced
  • Good sales
  • Free shipping over $35

When ordering furniture from Wayfair, they are accommodating if any damages or issues with your product occur. After all, these larger pieces are an investment and not one we want to be scratched, broken, or misshapen.

With intricate designs like this solid wood cabinet and outdoor patio furniture, there are many options to choose from for every space in and out of your home. Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping, whereas many competitors charge additional fees for shipping that can easily add hundreds of dollars to the price.

Plus, Wayfair has well-priced furniture and offers exciting sales throughout the year worth keeping an eye on.

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