Heat Advisories remain in effect across the Northeast and New England as oppressive heat and humidity refuse to release their grip on the region.

Millions of Americans from the Jersey Shore to Bangor, Maine, are at risk of heat-related illnesses as temperatures climb into the 90s.

Temperatures on Sunday will be in the 90s across the region.

Washington, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and New York City are expected to be about 91 degrees during the afternoon.

Areas to the north, like Boston, will be hotter. The city is expected to reach a high temperature of about 94 degrees Sunday afternoon.

Even northern New England will be feeling the heat on Sunday.

Bangor, Maine, has a high temperature of about 91 degrees.

As we enter the workweek, temperatures in southern New England and the Northeast will remain in the 90s.

However, in northern New England, temperatures will begin to cool.

Portland, Maine, will only see a high temperature of around 77 degrees, while Boston will see a high temperature of 93 degrees on Monday.

By Tuesday, most of the extreme heat will be limited to areas from Boston south through New York City and into Washington.

The temperature in NYC could reach as high as 96 degrees on Tuesday.
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Boston will drop a few degrees to see a high temperature around 91 degrees, but New York City will jump to about 96 degrees.

Washington will see a high temperature near 94 degrees.

The Heat Advisories are in effect from Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore through New York City.

The Hudson Valley is also included in those Heat Advisories.

Most of New England will also be under a Heat Advisory through Sunday night.

Heat safety

Aside from being uncomfortable, the hot weather could be dangerous, especially for those who do not have properly working air conditioning.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that more than 700 heat-related deaths occur annually in the United States, and extreme heat is the greatest weather-related killer.

To stay cool and safe, experts suggest:

  • Drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration
  • Refrain from drinking sugary and caffeinated products
  • Never leave children, pets or those with disabilities unattended
  • Stay in the shade or an air-conditioned room as much as possible
  • If you have to go outdoors, wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing

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