A line of hundreds of amusement park-goers were forced to wait in 90-plus degree heat on Friday after power went out at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

The theme park posted a statement on its website which read: “Great Adventure theme park opening is delayed due to a loss of power. We hope to have power restored and the park operating this afternoon.”

Video footage taken by Fox 5 TV shows a long line of people waiting outside the entrance near the parking lot, where there appears to be little shade that can provide some relief from the blazing sun.

The Northeast United States, like much of the country, is being blanketed by a heat wave. Forecasters expect the stifling heat to stretch into early next week.

A heat advisory will continue through the weekend in the New York City metropolitan area, with Friday and Saturday both expected to hit highs of 95 degrees and evening lows in the high 70s.

The outage occurred as temperatures in central New Jersey climbed into the low-to-mid 90s.
The New York City metropolitan area has been blanketed by a heat wave.
The New York City metropolitan area has been blanketed by a heat wave.

Sunday is forecast to be even more oppressive, with a high of 95 degrees, a low of 92 and extreme humidity. 

The mercury surpassed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in central New Jersey on Friday morning, though the heat index makes it feel over 100 degrees.

Six Flags said that its Hurricane Harbor and Wild Safari parks were operating as scheduled.

Great Adventure was due to start admitting guests at 10:30 a.m.

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