Let freedom rain.

Forecasted showers and thunderstorms may put a damper on the long Fourth of July weekend — though rain may clear in time for New Yorkers to enjoy fireworks Tuesday night.

Light showers were expected in the city Sunday as thunderstorms take shape around sundown, Fox Meteorologist Cody Braud told The Post.

“There will be multiple rounds of rain and scattered showers,” Braud said. “Sometimes it’ll be heavy, sometimes it’ll be light. There really won’t be any trends to the storm.”

The wet weather could leave the city feeling sticky and muggy Sunday as a low-pressure system humidifies the region through Wednesday.

Scattered storms were predicted to persist throughout the day Monday — and dense, humid air will linger until the weather system gets pushed out of the region Wednesday.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will likely put a damper on the Fourth of July long weekend.
Stephen Yang

Temperatures are expected to remain in the mid-80s at the start of the week, cooling off in the evenings and hitting a peak of 89 on Tuesday.

While the sun may come out at times, showers are predicted to hang around into Monday evening, according to Braud.

crowed beach in New York is picured
New York City should be rainy and muggy throughout the start of the week.
Stephen Yang

The dreary, rainy weather is expected to continue into the Fourth of July, though rain is expected to taper off going into the evening.

“Much of the same is expected for Tuesday. Scattered showers, could be thunderstorms at times, could be heavy downpours at times. There’s really no way to predict when they’re going to pop up,” Braud said.

Those looking to take a dip in the pool or get outside during the holiday weekend should keep an eye on the forecast since the expected storms over the next few days will be erratic.

crowds are pictured watching fireworks
Those looking to take a dip in the pool or get outside during the holiday weekend should keep an eye on the weather forecast, as the storms expected over the next few days will be erratic.
Stephen Yang

“They could last five minutes, they could last 30 minutes,” Braud noted. “At this time of the year, we get these pop-up showers.”

New Yorkers aiming to get outside and watch fireworks Tuesday aren’t out of luck yet.

“Once we get to the actual nighttime hours, like for fireworks, it’ll be close,” Braud said. “Some of our forecastings could change, but it looks like there may be a decent window where it’s not raining.”

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The upcoming showers will also likely drive smog out of the region.
Tomas E. Gaston

Looking on the bright side, the wet weather will likely push out lingering smog that reduced air quality across the city this week due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires.

“Once this low kicks out, all smoke concerns will be relieved,” Braud said. “Hopefully for good but you never know how much we’ll see as we work out way through the rest of the summer.”

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