WASHINGTON — The White House postponed a Pride Month party with singer Betty Who scheduled for Thursday night as smoke from Canadian wildfires enveloped the nation’s capital.

President Biden, 80, has suffered from asthma since his childhood and DC residents, especially those with health issues, were warned by authorities to stay indoors as the thick toxic smog wafted into town Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

The haze obscured iconic views of the Washington Monument and Capitol — after drastically reducing visibility in the Big Apple Wednesday and obscuring the Manhattan skyline in an orange-tinged shroud.

The Pride party wasn’t the only big outdoor event to be rescheduled in DC Thursday, as the Washington Nationals postponed their scheduled afternoon game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The White House said the Pride event would be rescheduled for Saturday, the same day as Washington’s annual Capital Pride parade — which is currently scheduled to proceed as planned.

The White House has canceled a Pride Month party due to the low air quality caused by the smoke from Canadian wildfires on June 8, 2023.
hoto by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

President Biden showing off an air quality chart for the Washington, DC at a White House event on June 8, 2023.
President Biden shows an air quality chart at a White House event on June 8, 2023.
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Singer Betty Who was scheduled to perform at the Gay Pride event.
Singer Betty Who was scheduled to perform at the Pride Month event.
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Who, whose real name is Jessica Newham, is a 31-year-old Australia-born musician known for her remake of Donna Lewis’s hit “I Love You Always Forever.”

She is bisexual.

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