If you want fresh produce but don’t have a backyard, consider investing in an indoor option like Gardyn.

Whether you live in a small apartment or simply don’t have the time or energy to take care of a traditional garden, this hydroponics device is the way to go. The best part? You don’t need a green thumb to see success! 

What is Gardyn? 

Gardyn is a brand that allows customers to conveniently grow fresh produce sustainably (and year-round) by using an at-home advanced hydroponic system. The brand’s most recent design, Gardyn Home 3.0, uses AI (Artificial intelligence) to make growing plants easier than ever before. 

Gardyn makes maintaining a healthier lifestyle more accessible.

“Our goal at Gardyn is to help everyone have access to a healthier lifestyle, sustainably. Making nutritious food readily available at home is a game changer for everyone’s diet. It reconnects you to nature and where your food comes from. And by growing food at home with no pesticides and no CO2 from transporting produce, we help our planet as well,” Gardyn founder, FX Rouxel, said in a press release. 

What makes Gardyn different? 

  • Gardyn’s patented technology vertically grows up to 30 large plants in just 2 square feet versus 4 square feet for most other systems. 
  • The vertical system’s LED lights are strategically placed to allow you to grow large, tall or vining plants indoors that many other systems cannot accommodate. 
  • Every plant on Gardyn is independent of the others, so your plants can be moved around to a new home in the system or for a quick harvest with zero mess. 
  • Gardyn needs less water than other systems on the market as it quietly recirculates through the columns on a set schedule and uses 95% less water than conventional agriculture.

Grow Hassle-Free

Using Gardyn’s cameras and sensors, known as Kelby (your AI Gardyning Assistant) monitors your plants 24/7, from set-up to the first harvest and beyond.

  • Vacation Mode: If you travel a lot, you understand the constant anxiety of your plants dying while you’re away. With Gardyn, this is no longer an issue. Whether you’re gone for a few days or several weeks, Gardyn’s unique vacation mode feature pauses your plants’ growth and keeps them fresh and thriving for when you come home. This unique mode preserves your plants a long way and consumes 3-4x less energy and 2-3x less water.
  • Optimal Plant Growth Controls: Through your Gardyn’s multiple sensors, Kelby monitors the indoor temperature, humidity, and how much water your plants are intaking as well as what is growing and how fast. When Kelby is in Assist mode, it will adjust the parameters of your Gardyn to optimize the health and growth of your plants for maximum success at every stage.
  • 24/7 Plant Monitoring: Right from the beginning, Kelby is there to help. It checks that your Gardyn is assembled correctly and that every slot gets the water it needs to start growing properly. Through the cameras, Kelby identifies the plants on your Gardyn and monitors their growth, germination, vegetative growth to flowering, fruiting, and harvesting at all times. Plus, if the growth process is going wrong in any way, Kelby will warn you of any issue as soon as it’s detected and let you know how to solve it.
  • Plant Care Coaching: Through the Gardyn App, Kelby will let you know what’s going on with your plants and if there’s anything specific you need to do. It provides you with simple but powerful step-by-step guidance — making this truly a no-green thumb-required process! 

How to use a Gardyn device

  1. Pop in the 30 yCubes from the Welcome Kit included with every Gardyn Home. You’ll see sprouts in a few days. (Note: one yCube plant yields three heads of lettuce) 
  2. The Gardyn app automates the water and lights for optimal growth. Get ready to harvest in 4 to 5 weeks.
  3. The beauty of Gardyn is you only harvest what you need and the rest of the plant keeps growing for 8 to 12 weeks.
  4. When you’re ready to grow new veggies and fruit, order new yCubes through the Gardyn app, and they’ll be at your door in a few days. 

Assembly is super easy with the new plug-n-play bars and columns (no screws or tools needed). A fully redesigned watering system makes it a breeze to connect and disconnect the columns, and its unique HydroBoost feature maintains a healthy environment and further reduces the need for cleanings.

Gardyn Home 3.0, starting at $999

Gardyn veggies

The Gardyn Home 3.0 features incredible improvements that make in-home gardening even easier. Easy assembly, a fully redesigned watering system that makes cleanings a breeze, a new modern design that features a high-quality hardwood lid and compact packing made of 100% recyclable cardboard — better for customers and the planet. 

Why Gardyn is worth the price 

This Hydroponics device grows enough fruit, veggies, greens and herbs to feed a family of 4-6 people with the main benefit is that you’ll likely save money on your grocery bill in the long run. Plus, you know that there are zero pesticides in your produce and no single-use plastic packaging — sounds like a win, win to us! 

While the price of the new Gardyn Home 3.0 starts at $999, you can also go the financing route and grow all of your produce for only $42/month — $0, 0% APR up to 24 months. 

Until Dec. 18, Gardyn offers incredible holiday savings: Take $150 off a Gardyn Home device or take $250 off when you purchase a device and membership with the promo code GIFT

In addition to the device’s cost, you can get a Gardyn membership for as low as $29/month. Using the device without one is possible, but it makes the gardening process more seamless. With the membership, you’ll have access to 24/7 guidance and custom plant care from your AI assistant, Kelby, vacation mode and arguably one of the best benefits — you’ll receive 10 free yCube credits a month to try out new varieties or continue to grow your favorites. 

Gardyn yCube

With your initial purchase, you’ll receive the device, the 30-plant starter set, the plant food package and Gardyn in-app device control. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re on a mission to live a healthier, sustainable life and want to give yourself the opportunity to garden year-round, Gardyn is the best investment you can make. Spoil yourself before the New Year or surprise a loved one with an incredible gift this holiday season. 

Tip: make sure to purchase your Gardyn device by Friday, Dec. 16, to receive your package by Dec. 24.

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