Say goodbye to the swamp — for now.

New Yorkers delighted in an “unusually” mild and crisp week of weather as humidity levels plunged well below the city’s muggy summer average, meteorologists said Thursday.

The dew point, which measures humidity, dipped into the 40s and 50s between Monday and Thursday — making the city feel more like a mountain town than the juicy urban jungle.

By contrast, the city’s summer dew point average is 63 degrees, and it generally starts to feel “sticky and gross” around 65 or 70, forecasters said.

“It’s refreshingly different,” FOX Weather meteorologist Chis Tate told The Post. “This is somewhere between uncommon and unusual.”

The cooler, drier weather was a welcome respite from last week’s dangerous heatwave, when temperatures soared into the 90s with high humidity levels for days.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous this week. Tons of people are out. It’s much more comfortable for drivers and horses than usual,” said 52-year-old Central Park carriage driver Adrian Marrs.

“Last week we couldn’t work for a few days … It was too hot, too humid for the horses.”

Enjoying the outdoors a little more comfortably, New Yorkers nap in the shade.
Robert Miller

Naki Armani, 27, who works as a security guard at Wolman Rink in the park, said the pleasant weather makes his job easier.

“I take it as a blessing before we get back to the bad weather,” he said.

After a storm and cold front hit over the weekend, Monday cooled to a high of 85 degrees with a dew point of 51 while Tuesday was 82 degrees with a dew point of 58, forecasters said.

Central Park carriage driver Adrian Marrs.
Central Park carriage driver Adrian Marrs said the mild weather is a welcome respite after last week’s heat wave.

Wednesday’s humidity plunged even lower with a dew point of 46 and a high temperature of 81 degrees, and Thursday was forecast to hit a high of 80 with a dew point of 58.

“When the dew point is in the 50s and 40s, it’s nice and crisp, so even though temperatures have been in the 80s this week, it hasn’t felt like it,” said FOX Weather meteorologist Brian Mastro.

But the cooler, drier weather may not stay long — Friday was forecast to reach a high of 80 degrees with a dew point climbing to a muggier 66.

Child at the beach.
Temperatures soared into the 90s with high humidity levels last week.
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Saturday is expected to hit a high of 86 degrees and a dew point of 64.

Over the past decade, the city’s average dew point for the month of July has ranged between 62 and 67, forecasters said.

In early July last year, the humidity level also dipped briefly into the mid-40s.

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