Hard-boiled New Yorkers threw cold water on the hoopla surrounding the supposedly “extreme” heat dome that hit the city Thursday — as forecasters warned it really is going to get worse.

“It’s hot, but I thought it was going to be hotter. It’s not that humid,” said Melanie Gedney, 28, who works in accounting and was eating lunch outside in Midtown. “Anytime we have the first weather event of any season it gets hyped up.”

Brian, a 37-year-old construction worker doing a project nearby, said he had sweat through far hotter days.

Some New Yorkers spent time tanning in city parks on Thursday. Stephen Yang
Some New Yorkers said the heat dome wasn’t all that hot. Stephen Yang

“It’s regular heat to me. Could be worse,” he said, adding he doesn’t believe the heat dome is really a thing. “They hype up too many things sometimes.”

Everyone from Mayor Adams to National Weather Service meteorologists have warned that an oppressive heatwave would roast the city this week, bringing real-feel temperatures into the high 90s.

But some Big Apple residents said officials may be full of hot air.

“It’s hotter than normal this time of year, but then again, I have seen it hotter in New York City,” said Irene Borutta, 75, who works at a law firm and was smoking a cigarette outside.

Still, forecasters told The Post Thursday — the first day of summer — that the most sweltering weather is yet to come.

“It hasn’t been too terrible the last couple days — but it is going to get worse as we get into the weekend,” said FOX Weather meteorologist Samantha Thomas.

Midtown workers weren’t afraid to relax and have lunch outside during Thursday’s heatwave. Stephen Yang
New Yorkers did yoga in Times Square to celebrate the summer solstice Thursday. Robert Miller

The mercury is expected to climb to a high of 91 on Friday, followed by 90 on Saturday, she said. Sunday will hit a high of 94 with real-feel temps reaching 101.

“We’re close to record heat on Sunday,” she said.

The record for hottest ever June 23 in New York City was set in 1888 at 96 degrees.

On Thursday, other New Yorkers spent time tanning in parks, cooling off at the beach and doing outdoor yoga in Times Square to celebrate the summer solstice.

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