A man who hasn’t stopped growing his body hair since he was a teenager is opening up about what his life is like as basically a human teddy bear.

The California-based individual has been called Mr. Teddy Bear and also has a look reminiscent of a werewolf.

He has come to adore his hairy assets, although he wasn’t always so happy with them.

However, he has used his excessive fur to create products to manage it.

“I used to wax my body hair and get it all lasered off years ago when I was ashamed of it,” he recently told Caters News. “But thankfully that never worked. I remember when I would shave it off, within three hours it was already growing back.”

He has described himself as human werewolf and as a teddy bear.
Caters News Agency

When it comes to the dating game, the real-life Jacob Black admitted that he had past exes who would “shame” him for his body hair and would even “passive aggressively make me shave it. But never again.”

“You either accept me as a werewolf, or you can go elsewhere,” he stated.

While he’s used to people having different reactions, he still finds them being “shocked” over his appearance.

He added: “When I walk in a room and people see me wearing a tank top — which I’m not ashamed of — I will see someone point and say something about how I look. Most often it just results in strangers asking if they can pet me, like I’m an emotional support dog.”

He then discussed the drawbacks to having a fur-like pelt. Humidity is one of the worst things, he noted. “It will make my hair fluff up real fast and it is very hard to keep straight,” he explained.

The heat also makes him sweat profusely, leaving him in a very hairy situation.

“I like to make sure [my hair] is moisturized, and well-scented,” he said.
Caters News Agency

In order to keep his mane silky smooth, he forges his own products such as moisturizing beard oil and scented lotions.

He shampoos and deep conditions his hair twice a week and softens it by using his beard oil.

Mr. Teddy Bear grew up in California.
Caters News Agency

Once every two months, he then uses a relaxer to straighten the hair, as it is a “great way to show off muscle definition.” He’ll even shed in the summertime and his home is full of his thick hair lying around.

“I once heard a man whisper to his wife [about me], ‘don’t you wish you could just shave all that off?’ and I turned around and said ‘I can hear you. I’m hairy … not deaf,’” he recalled.

However, “the positive outweighs the negative at this point. More often than not, people just want to come up and pet my fur like I’m a puppy.”

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