TL;DR: Grab this lightweight, energy-efficient portable personal air conditioner on sale for just $78.99, just in time for the summer heat.

It may not seem like it now since summer appears to be easing itself in at a snail’s pace, but experts say that days and weeks of scorching hot temperatures aren’t too far away. Before you know it, sweat will be dripping down your temples, back, and places we’d rather not talk about. You can dodge all that by cranking up the AC, but do you really want the high energy bills that would arrive right after?

If you want to keep cool this summer without putting a damper on your budget, the EvaChill EV-500 can be your personal AC that you can take from one place to another. On sale for only $78.99 (reg. $99) a pop, which is less than the Amazon pricing, it can help you fight the icky and sticky feeling you’re about to get in the coming months.

A 2019 Red Dot Design Award Winner, the energy-efficient EvaChill EV-500 cools the area directly in front of it, covering approximately 45 square feet. It may look like a toy, but it’s powerful enough to reach full cooling power within 10 minutes, meaning it’ll bring forth comfort almost instantaneously. Simply fill the water tank, connect it to a power outlet, and the cartridge and cooling pads under the hood will absorb the water and spread it evenly to deliver a cool, comforting breeze.

Unlike traditional air-conditioning units, this lightweight, portable AC exhausts zero heat, and with its patented EvaBreeze material, it remains 100% eco-friendly and bio-safe. It can even filter out dust particles to improve the air quality within your immediate environment, allowing for better breathing. It also has soft blue LED lights built-in, making it an instant mood lifter.

Make your summer more bearable with this personal air conditioner.

Just in time for the hotter months, you can get it on sale for $78.99 (reg. $99).

Prices subject to change.

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