If your home office serves as the full-time setting for your career — or if you only work from home a few days a week or in the evenings or weekends — having a space for work that’s organized and that fosters creativity and productivity is likely your top goal. 

Do you have aspirations of upgrading your home office with just a modest investment?

Real estate pros and design experts shared tricks of the trade and interesting insights about elevating the work-from-home experience for less than $250.

Check these out — and see if these ideas don’t give your work-from-home spot an interesting lift.  

1. Upgrade your walls

Consider painting the walls a new color to invigorate your creative juices. 

You can make this a weekend project with a relatively small investment. 

Or, you may want to try a more creative approach. 

“Choose a single wall and paint it with a bold, energizing color that complements your office décor,” said Ben Gold, founder of Recommended Home Buyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

There are ways to upgrade your home office with purchases less than $250, according to experts.

Consider opting for removable wallpaper for a trendy accent wall without the commitment of paint, Gold also said.  

2. Swap your office chair 

The wrong office chair has significant impact on your musculoskeletal health long after your work day ends, studies have shown. 

For both design and functionality, maybe it’s time to shop for a new chair.

“Swap out your current desk chair for a colorful, ergonomic option — or add a bright, patterned cushion to your existing chair for enhanced comfort and flair,” said Gold.

Shopping online is a great way to snag a good price, but trying chairs on for size in person may yield a better result, he noted.

The wrong office chair can harm your musculoskeletal health.
The wrong office chair can harm your musculoskeletal health.

3. Add greenery

Consider incorporating some plants or succulents to bring life and freshness to your office, recommended Mina Lisanin, an interior designer and founder of ML Interiors in New York City. 

“Plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but can also improve air quality and reduce stress,” she said. 

4. Repurpose existing furniture 

If you need more storage in your home office, turn to what you already own to save money. 

“Look for unused furniture in other areas of your home that can be repurposed for your office,” suggested Lisanin. 

For example, a small side table, a bookshelf or an old chair can be transformed into functional office elements with a little creativity, she said.

5. Update your lighting 

One of the most important elements in a home office is lighting.

With a small investment, said one professional, you can make your home office setting brighter with a quick visit to a home improvement retailer or hardware store. 

“Replace old, dull desk lamps with energy-efficient LED options,” Lisanin told FOX Business. 

“Adequate lighting is essential for a productive workspace, and LED bulbs save energy and last longer.”

6. Enhance your window treatments 

Dress up your windows with affordable curtains or blinds that complement the overall theme of your office, said Lisanin. 

Fabric and design choices can incorporate your own design preferences; these upgrades can be done is less than a day. 

According to an expert, having plants in a home office can "improve air quality and reduce stress."
According to an expert, having plants in a home office can “improve air quality and reduce stress.”

“Proper window treatments can also control light and privacy,” she said. 

7. Personalize your walls 

Try enhancing a home office’s ambiance with affordable wall art, decals or motivational posters that inspire creativity and productivity, suggested Brindha Dhanabalan, a design expert and CEO of All Cotton and Linen in Freemont, California.

In addition, a whiteboard or corkboard can be a good idea, she said.

“Hang a whiteboard for quick notes and brainstorming or a corkboard for pinning important reminders and tasks,” said Dhanabalan.

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