Out of all the different types of Labor Day sales to shop ahead of the holiday, we simply can’t get enough of feel-good bedding.

It’s completely justified, too. Getting a good night’s rest and saving money? Sign us up. Luckily, the advent of Casper’s Labor Day Sale is enough to have us hooked and opening our online shopping carts as far as they can go.

The direct-to-consumer brand has a wealth of incredible bedding (trust us, we reviewed and currently sleep on its Casper Mattress; it’s pure heaven).

Through Labor Day, enjoy up to 20% off everything the brand has to offer (yes, you read that correctly). From the most comfortable of mattresses to incredible bed sheets and accessories, you’ll be saving a pretty penny and enjoying a better night’s sleep that’s much, much needed.

Labor Day? Consider this sale ZZZ-day (at least that’s what the brand says, and we’re fully on board). And hurry — this sale ends on September 12.


The Casper Original Hybrid Mattress is 20% off during the brand’s Labor Day Sale — and one you certainly don’t want to pass up. Namely, its cradling foam and responsive springs are ones you’ll want to sink into, especially with Casper’s Zoned Support that’s divided into three ergonomic zones to help relieve pressure and align your spine.

What’s more, the Casper Signature Foam includes Airscape Technology and is designed with thousands of perforations. These perforations are said to help heat and humidity flow away from you. Cheers to your most comfortable sleep yet.

The Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress is 10% off and one we highly recommend, thanks to it also boasting that Casper Signature Foam and Airscape Technology to help make your night’s rest as breathable as ever.

As far as support goes, its premium memory foam conforms to your body to help absorb pressure, while its ProSupport Foam prevents sinking and sagging (aka, what you want in a new mattress so it lasts over time).

Casper Snow Mattress

Shop the Casper Snow Mattress that’s engineered with the brand’s coolest sleep technology yet. Made perfect for hot sleepers especially (and, to be honest, everyone — because who wants to sweat at night?), its most advanced technology is specially designed to help prevent over-heating, keeping you five degrees cooler* when you hit the hay.

More granularly, its sleep technology incorporates patented HeatDelete Bands, Phase Change Material and a CoolTouch Cover to help keep you oh-so-cool. It also boasts Casper Edge Support so you can nestle in place all night.

*Based on Casper Labs testing comparing Snow to The Casper over a 12-hour period.

Original Casper Pillow

Add the Original Casper Pillow to your online shopping cart because it’s now less than $60, is one we love to sleep in and an all-around excellent sleep topper we have a high affinity for. Its down-alternative fill mimics that soft, airy silhouette of down, and its interior is also clump-resistant to help prevent unwanted hardness or anything outside of comfortability.

Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology

The Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology is now 20% off during the brand’s Labor Day Sale and is the brand’s “most innovative pillow” that’s said to provide more than 12 hours of cooler sleep (again, hooray for hot sleepers!) Plus, its innovative foam and fiber design is sure to provide support.

Casper Down Pillow

If down pillows are your thing, look no further than the Casper Down Pillow. It’s another 20%-off grab that’s the brand’s “fluffiest pillow yet,” thanks to its ethically sourced down materials for that sought-after luxurious comfort. Specifically, it features the brand’s one-of-a-kind, five-chamber design to help provide that optimal support you crave.

Casper Adjustable Base

OK, it’s 2023 — it’s time for you to invest in an adjustable base. Whether you want to sit up and have breakfast in bed or read before you dream away, the Casper Adjustable Base is one we highly recommend, regardless of your mattress size.

Impressively, it’s 50% off, and it’s worth looking into Casper’s Adjustable Base Pro (starting at $498) and Adjustable Base Max (starting at $848), should you want to upgrade.

Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set

This guide would be incomplete without a mention of one of Casper’s must-have bed sheets. Introducing the Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set, a bundle that includes flat, fitted and pillowcase sheets (specific count depending on the size you select) to drift away into pure, comfortable bliss. There are a bounty of colors to choose from, too.

Casper Percale Duvet Cover

Obtain that fresh and clean bedroom look with the Casper Percale Duvet Cover. It’s both fluffy and feather-light, apt for sleeping or simply for show when you’re not getting your eight hours for the evening. Oh, and its 100% organic cotton gives you that lightweight, airy feel.

Casper Glow Light

Real talk — many of us are still wary of the dark, so the Casper Glow Light is the bedside investment you need (and what better time to grab it than during the brand’s Labor Day Sale?) Not only does it have a chic, minimalist look, but its self-dimming and warm light is both calming and soothing.

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