The meeting has been arranged to to engage with residents and stakeholders and to organise a campaign on the action needed to improve the road safety and air quality of the crossing at Creggan Hill from Marlborough Road and the surrounding area.

This is in response to a motion passed at May’s Full Council meeting proposed by People Before Profit Councillor, Maeve O’Neill.

Colr. O’Neill said: “Safe access to our parks is essential and for anyone who has tried to cross this road with kids and a pram knows how dangerous it is.

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People Before Profit Councillor Maeve O’Neill.

“It is important that local residents are central to informing the solutions required to improve the road safety and air quality of this crossing.”

The motion called on the Council to note the importance of safe pedestrian access to local parks, inclusive of safety in road crossings as well as the air quality in the area surrounding the park.

It also called on the Council to convene a meeting with DFI and local community stakeholders to explore how to improve safe pedestrian access to Brooke Park crossing Creggan Hill from Marlborough Road, and to present a paper on actions that can be taken to address the poor air quality in the areas surrounding Brooke Park and Bull Park, which will encompass improved air quality monitoring and green solutions.

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