While New Yorkers are set to get a slight break from the heat and humidity over the next few days, the dial will be turning up out West, where a days-long stretch of high temperatures will challenge records across the region, including the potential for a new high in the “hottest place on earth.”

“The next couple of days in New York are going to be a couple of degrees above average, but it’s going to be nothing compared to the record-shattering temperatures going on out west,” AccuWeather forecaster Alex DaSilva told The Post.

On Friday, the record high temperature of 123 degrees was broken in Palm Springs, California, which topped the old mark by 1 degree. The same day, the record in Death Valley shattered the previous high for the day by 5 degrees, with the mercury climbing to 127.

A man uses a towel under his hat for the heat along 8th avenue near 37th street in Manhattan. Stephen Yang
Michelle Chapman prepared to bathe her dog Logun under an overpass where they are currently living in Palm Springs, California, on July 2. The city saw its hottest day on record on Friday. Getty Images

“These conditions will be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly if not taken seriously,” the National Weather Service warned.

In the coming week, Las Vegas might tie or break its all-time heat record of 117 degrees for six consecutive days, according to Fox Weather meteorologist Cody Braud.

“Vegas is flirting around breaking all-time high records each day until Friday,” he explained.

Excessive Heat Watches, Warnings and Heat Advisories are in
effect for much of the West Coast. FOX Weather
Over 45 million people are under heat alerts into next week, including just about all of Washington, Oregon and California, according to FOX Weather. FOX Weather

And what’s happening in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.

Seattle will see record-challenging temperatures into the early part of the week the heat will be dangerous there and in other parts of western Washington where many do not have air conditioning.

Record highs across portions of Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington and even Idaho will top 100 degrees with some Desert Southwest locations soaring above 115, according to meteorologists.

A sign cautioned of extreme heat in Death Valley on Saturday where temperatures reached 122 degrees. Record-setting heat is expected to blanket the West Coast and Great Basin regions for the next week. Anadolu via Getty Images
A man tried to keep cool on a children’s splash pad in Phoenix, Arizona on June 25. AP

And in Death Valley, California, which holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded at 134.1 degrees in 1913, temps are expected to hover near 130 degrees Sunday through Wednesday, National Weather Service forecasts show. “Yes, the Mojave Desert gets hot,” the regional NWS office in Las Vegas posted on X. “But this heat will be record-breaking.”

The heat dome will ease up by the end of the week, but make it’s way east. Until then, the Big Apple is looking at temperatures in the mid-to-low 80s, with rain periodically breaking through the humidity.

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