Smoke and haze could cloud New York City once again Wednesday, as winds continue to propel smoke from powerful wildfires ravaging Canada into the US, forecasters said.

Forecasters said the hazy skies Wednesday into Thursday will not be as dramatic as the apocalyptic orange haze that cloaked New York City earlier this month since most of the smoke being pushed south has landed over the Great Lakes region.

“Right now air quality is good for New York City but it could possibly dip into ‘moderate’ levels,” Fox Weather Meteorologist Marissa Lautenbacher told The Post.

“People will probably notice more hazy skies, but not the smell of smoke that everybody was smelling and the complete orangeness of the sky.”

Smoke and haze may cloud the Big Apple again, though conditions won’t be as intense as they were earlier this month.

New York City could see air quality levels becoming “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” such as the pregnant, elderly and those with upper respiratory issues when the air quality level is between 101 and 150.

“The air quality could get up to being ‘Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups,’ but it probably won’t become hazardous,” Lautenbacher said.

Officials warned Big Apple residents Tuesday of the potential air quality issues and threats of a thick haze hanging over the city.

“Due to incoming winds tonight and ongoing Canadian wildfires, New York City could experience worse air quality tomorrow, Wednesday, June 28,” Mayor Eric Adams tweeted Tuesday. “We will keep New Yorkers informed on conditions outside and actions they can take to stay healthy.”

Air quality was good Wednesday morning, and likely will not reach hazardous conditions, forecasters said.
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While residents may notice a haze, particularly around the time the sun sets, it is not expected to become dangerous for the majority of New Yorkers, forecasters said.

Early Wednesday morning, the air quality index in Manhattan was around 60, according to

On Tuesday, air quality health advisories were issued for western and central New York, as well as the eastern part of Lake Ontario.

Currently, the majority of the smoke sits over the Great Lakes region, where air quality has reached “hazardous” levels, according to Lautenbacher.

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Early Wednesday Morning, the air quality index in Manhattan was around 60.

The cities with the greatest impact are Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Detroit, though the thick orange haze is making an appearance as far east as Pittsburgh.

When the smoke from the wildfires first fell over New York City earlier this month, the Big Apple had the worst air quality index of any city in the world at 183 — which is considered “unhealthy” for all New Yorkers by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

On Tuesday, thick smoke covered Chicago and other parts of the Midwest, placing over 11 million people under air quality alerts.

The Great Lakes region was experiencing the worst air quality in the US on Wednesday morning.
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Chicago and Milwaukee were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 as major cities with the worst air quality in the world on Tuesday afternoon, at the peak of their smoke, according to Fox Weather.

Minnesota issued its record-setting 23rd air-quality alert, lasting through late Wednesday night across much of the state.

There are currently nearly 500 wildfires burning — half of which are considered out of control — in Canada.

The most extreme fires have been reported in Ontario and Quebec in eastern Canada.

The intense blazes have been scorching ever since March, though they picked up intensity this month, causing smoke to drift into the US and as far away as Europe.

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