TL;DR: Improve your posture with help from the BetterBack Luxe Posture Support is just $39.99 (reg. $59) until May 6.

Many of us struggle with back pain and poor posture from injuries, ailments, and from sitting for long periods. Statista notes that back pain is the most common medical issue in the world. If you are one of the millions suffering, you need to be careful when and how you sit. There is help on the front in the form of the BetterBack Luxe Posture Support. It’s also on sale for $39.99 through May 6.

As seen on Shark Tank, BetterBack uses memory foam engineered by NASA to help you stay comfortable and supported. It is made to help your default posture become retrained from wearing it for as little as 15 minutes a day. That means you won’t always have to wear it, but you could reap long-term benefits from using it as suggested.

Lightweight and compact, the BetterBack Luxe can be used anywhere you sit. Take it to the office, use it at home, at the kids’ games, or while you travel — turn any seat into an ergonomic spot in seconds. It’s also ideal for gamers and students. It even works well as a preventative measure.

It features slip-resistant knee pads to keep it sturdy and in place. There are also flexible webbing straps for a more customizable fit. And the outer shell is water-resistant to keep out the rain and humidity.

Don’t wait to take the first step towards better posture and even pain relief. If you find yourself sitting for long periods, whether you are a freelancer, an office worker, or working from home, the BetterBack Luxe could be a game changer.

Get the BetterBack Luxe Posture Support for just $39.99 (reg. $59) when you order by May 6 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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