Bless you, and bless having a good air purifier this year to deal with allergy season. It’s one of our favorite home items that’s worth the buy.

While there aren’t yet enough studies to prove that at-home air purifiers can greatly reduce COVID particles in your home, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cleaners are widely used in schools and hospitals to circulate clean air and reduce risk of inhaling airborne infectious particles. According to the CDC, when used in conjunction with masking, having an air purifier around isn’t a bad idea.

They’re also smart to have around to save your nose from dripping and eyes from itching due to seasonal allergies, as many turn to an air purifier or two in the home to suck out the pollen and allergens from the air and save themselves from having to take allergy medications day in and day out.

Plus, for those pet owners out there, an air purifier can make a huge difference when cleaning up pet hair and dander. One in particular actually went viral on TikTok for the sheer amount of pet hair it collected in just a few days, which looked to be enough to build a new furry friend out of.

The video has over one million views and counting, sucking up our attention as well. The Okaysou Air Purifier from the video is actually still in stock on Amazon, going for $129 while supplies last. With all things TikTok, we don’t know how long that will be, so our best advice would be to add to cart now and thank us later.

There are a ton of other options out there, should you need a larger device for a bigger home or more pets or even a smaller tabletop air purifier for small spaces or to keep near you when allergies get worse.

See below for a full roundup of some of the top-rated air purifiers on the Internet to fit every home, budget and need for allergy season and beyond. Plus, many on this list qualify for two-day shipping or less.


Get the viral air purifier before it’s too late! The Okaysou purifier is now $129 and as you can see from the video above, does a great job sucking pet hair and other debris from the air in your home.

A white air purifyer

Head to Amazon for this high-efficiency air purifier that can be controlled via your smart phone. The Levoit H13 model is super quiet, making it perfect for your bedroom and can be combined with Amazon Alexa for hands-free control.

A tall gray air purifier

Cleanse the air of germs and allergens with this tall air purifier that uses UV-C light to purify. The device is sold on Amazon and is perfect for those with a smaller space, with a total weight of under 10 pounds.

A small white air purifier

Purify on the go with this small and portable air purifier from Levoit. The mini version of the high-powered purifier comes in white and black and is great for smaller spaces, desks, bedside tables and more.

A black air purifier

Don’t be fooled by its compact look; this air purifier packs a punch when it comes to cleaning your air. The Coway Air Purifier is a top-rated machine by Wirecutter and more, as it uses four filtration layers to make sure all the dust and debris get trapped inside. It comes in both black and white to match your home, now on sale for a limited time.

A two pack of gray and white air purifiers

For larger homes, this air purifier is the best bet for clean air throughout the house. This one from Blue Pure uses three-layer filtration to capture 99% of pollutants in the air, while only weighing about 12 pounds to make it easy to set up and move about your home.

Dyson Purifier Cool Purifying Fan

Dyson is the name of the game when it comes to clean, and now cooling, too. Perfect for the warmer months or in the winter when the heater is overpowering, this two-in-one device both purifies the air in your home and projects over 77 gallons of cool air a second to cool you down.

A white air purifier with a rainbow touch screen display

Get smart about your air quality and invest in this device from Hathaspace. The air purifier can filter out 99.97% of pollutants as small as 0.3 microns according to the product description, while also getting rid of odor and smoke. It comes with a handy remote control for easy use and can be tucked away against the wall, even while turned on.

A white air purifier square with black wheels

Made in the USA with your whole family in mind, this heavy-duty air purifier is one of the best.

This high-powered industrial air purifier uses HEPA filtration and can remove 99.9% of particulate matter from the air in your home. It stands out from the rest, as it not only traps the particles inside, but actually destroys the viruses, bacteria, allergens and more using Earth mineral technology so that nothing can leak back out into your home. The process is non-toxic and safe for the kids and pets, too, and comes in either white or black.

Bissell Smart HEPA Air Purifier, dark gray

The only thing better than fresh air is fresh smelling air. Bissell’s Smart HEPA Air Purifier is a sleek option that has a three-stage filtration process to circulate clean air around your room. Plus, its honeycomb-structured carbon filter contains thousands of activated carbon pellets to capture gases and common household odors.

A white circular air purifier and a smartphone app

Control your air quality from anywhere with this smart air purifier. The Levoit device can be connected wirelessly to the free VeSync app on your phone or tablet and then controlled no matter where in the house you put your purifier. The ultra-quiet machine has three-level filtration and is sold on their own site for $149.99.

A silver air purifier and white filter

An extra large room doesn’t need an extra large device. It needs one with extra strong capabilities like this one from Alen. The air purifier can clean 1300 square feet of space every 30 minutes, making sure even your largest rooms have the best quality air, like in the playroom for the kids and the living room where the whole family spends time.

A small white air purifier sits on a shelf with a red kid's toy

On the flip side, smaller spaces need clean air, too. The smaller TruSens device is perfect for this, saving space on your floor or countertop while purifying your space with the same strength and quality of larger models.

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